Prerequisite to making contact

Be fearless: There is no threat as the media would have you believe. Thousands of contact experiences with ce5 protocols have taken place and not one of them has reported hostile interactions with ETs. Fear of the unknown is common but can be transformed into excitement. Fear will stand in the way of making contact whilst high vibrations of love, peace and joy encourage contact experiences.

The coherence of a ce5 group is vital to making contact. Coming together in unity of mind and heart in a circle resonating together creates an easily accessible time-space receptacle.

There are three main ways of making contact. Of these, thought is by far the most important.


CE5 teams practice CTS or ‘Coherent Thought Sequencing’. Reach a calm, centred state of consciousness. You are in the unbounded state of the awake mind. There are a plentitude of meditation techniques to take you there, some of which we teach at events.

Then in your mind’s eye move from your location through the solar system and the milky way to deep space. When you meet a space craft introduce yourself as an ambassador from earth. Invite them to visit you at your site and vector them in by showing them the way to the milky way galaxy, our solar system and the third planet from the sun, the earth. Zoom into your continent and guide them through visualisation to your location, showing them in your mind’s eye your team.

Send out this invitation a few days in advance, sending out the time and date for the event to take place.

Your state of mind is significant. Training your mind to hold focus and have the highest possible intentions of love, peace and unity is of utmost importance. An attitude of dignified humility and a state of serenity are valuable in inviting contact.

Always insist that they only visit you if it is safe and appropriate for them to do so.


It was noticed that sometimes ETV’s (extraterrestrial vehicles) would show up over concerts that used lots of laser light shining into the sky. CE5 contact teams sometimes use laser beams to show ETVs our position. Nowadays, because of the danger of blinding a pilot, we do not shine the lasers at anything in the sky. When teams signaled to ETVs in the past, more likely than not, the ETV would respond in like manner.


The teams broadcast tones that were originally recorded during a contact event in a crop circle in England. The tones are part of ET technology that we have recorded and are sending back to them. Why? Imagine if you went into someone’s home, and they had a wall of pictures. How interested would you be? Mildly maybe? What if you noticed YOUR picture on the wall? Would that peak your interest? Transmitting their own technology back to them is our attempt to put their picture on the wall.

Simulated Journeys from Earth to the End of the Universe

Enjoy traveling from the third planet from the sun (Earth), through our Solar System and the Milkyway Glaxay to outer Space. We suggest you watch these videos in full screen mode..

In this animation we break free from the ESO (European Southern Observatory) Supernova planetarium facility, rise above Garching, and then Munich, Germany and the Earth itself. The viewer accelerates out of the Solar System and then the Milky Way, finally revealing vast numbers of galaxies.

Space engine universe simulator: from Earth to the Universe

Results from the Netherlands