What is ce-5?

– or “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind” — is broadly defined as human initiated extraterrestrial contact.

The term was defined by Dr. Steven Greer and relates to categories of close encounters as defined by the US military.

The ce5 contact protocols merge science and a spirituality that is centred in the serene peace, the stillness and oneness of universal consciousness. The process may include any of the following:

  • Coherent thought sequencing
  • Remote viewing
  • Advanced meditation techniques
  • Photography and night vision scopes
  • Broadcasting of specific tones and frequencies
  • Electromagnetic meters and radar detectors
  • Ancient ceremonies

Experiencing ce5

Typically a ce5 contact group will spend time together at night in circle inviting contact with ETs through consciousness, and assisted by technology.

During the day, activities to further group coherence and expand consciousness take place.

You might:

  • see unusual lights or even crafts in the sky.
  • see orbs and other light phenomena.
  • feel intense love, joy and oneness
  • see the subtle effect of partially dematerialised craft.
  • hear sounds and words.
  • feel touch.
  • internally sense ET beings, crafts or communication.
  • experience the immensity of infinity and the expanse of eternity within yourself.
  • Find confirmation through photos and other technical means.