None of the tools below are necessary, but can be fun and helpful.

Red torch – (LED) use red so that your and other people’s night vision is not disturbed.

Planisphere – a map to guide you through the night sky. Turn the dial to your date and time to see the sky mapped out. There are also apps that doe this, but a hand held map seems more practical as it does not ruin your night vision.

Magnetometer – picks up electromagnetic activity. ETs often communicate through technology.

Zero-Gravity chair – it pays of to be comfortable. If you are traveling by plane accept the cost as part of the expenses for the trip.

Binoculars – can be helpful in distinguishing a plane from other objects.

Nightvision goggles – there are many more stars in the sky than what can be seen with the naked eye. They may not be available to civilians and even illegal in some countries.

Satellite chart – make sure you can distinguish between a satellite and an ETV (ExtraTerrestrial Vehicle). Be aware that not all satellites are shown on the charts.

Radar detector – ETs are known to use these to communicate with us.

Radio transmitters – use to send and receive messages with ET. With more than one radio transmitter set to the same frequency we find ETs will just use one transmitter to connect with us.