Our aim is to educate the public and establish connection and interaction between people interested in ce5-contact. We offer talks, presentations, introductory sessions and expeditions as well as online presentations by experienced ce5ers.

Although based in Europe, we encourage global connections. Online talks in particular are easy to join from everywhere.

We encourage you to join us, sign up for the Newsletter, tune into online talks and become part of peaceful, productive and beneficial contact.

Get involved

  • Volunteer to translate this website into other languages, including non-european languages. If you are interested, please contact us at contact@ce5europe.com.
  • Host a talk or introductory session in your country or town or for your group. Please contact us at contact@ce5europe.com
  • Join us online, at introductory sessions or on an expedition.
  • Donate to support ce5europe. Volunteers dedicate a large amount of time, finances and resources to the cause in form of web design and hosting, administration and event planing. Bigger visions are being developed. Your donations are welcome. They show your appreciation and make a difference to us.
    Contact us at contact@ce5europe.com.
  • Start your own local ce5 group. We are happy to help.


CSETI, “The Centre for the Study of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence’, does not have official representatives or certified teachers.

Dr. Greer has trained thousands of people, but does not have the resources to test and certify individuals. He has asked each of us to become educators to the public, sharing information and setting up ce5 contact groups. At ce5europe we strive to give you the best training we can, so that you can quickly set up your own group and achieve excellent results.