Oona Soleil Fergusson

Oona Soleil Fergusson’s passion has always been to explore the mystery of our existence.  She has a degree in mathematics, physics and chemistry and has studied and worked with many of the powerful spiritual traditions from around the world, including Aztec, African, Mayan, Eskimo, North-American, Eastern and Celtic cultures. She spent seven years as the personal assistant to an Angakoq – a Shaman of the Far North and was taken into an unusual lineage of Mexican Curanderos who’s teachings are said to come from a little man who fell from the sky. She passes these subtle teachings on to others through her aura in courses such as Lightlanguage or OI. She is also a fully certificated rapid transformational hypnotherapist, an advanced controlled remote viewer and an executive firewalking instructor. 

Oona has participated in several expeditions lead by Dr. Steven Greer and has joined forces to do ce5 with others trained by him. She has led several contact expeditions in Europe with a focus on consciousness and opening the heart. She has taught seminars on a variety of unconventional subjects since 2004.

Oona was born to a Swiss mother and a Scottish father and has been a global nomad, living in many countries and traveling the world throughout her life.

Oona teaches Applied Spiritual Sciences and  is also the author of The Brilliance of your FEELINGS.


“A week with Oona is timeless as she gently challenges your level of awareness. This challenge is to bring your consciousness to a new and higher break through level. It is from this place that contact is made possible.
As Oona accompanied me into the night on our last evening of the workshop I had an experience of ET contact that will remain with me forever.
As two light forms appeared in the darkened forest of trees, they first brightened and then after 5 minutes instantly dematerialized.
We both stood there in awe under the beauty of the starry night.
It will take a while for me to integrate this experience but I know that it has changed my perspective of existence in this Universe forever.”

Marc Brox

“Oona is one of the most experienced people I know when it comes to working with consciousness and different modes of contact! Beautiful soul and compassionate teacher.”
Patricia Pearsall

The workshop was so much more than I expected. I experienced deep healings multiple times and Oona met me in a place that so desperately needed attention. She saw me there and recognized me there. 
Also my consciousness expanded to a whole new level far beyond what I could imagine. And on top of that we had some sightings /contact.” 

Susanne Haring