Dear CE5 friends,

I have updated the List of groups and people looking for others to do CE5 with. I usually take it down after a while to preserve some privacy. I also update it regularly. If you have anything to add – events, new groups, or you wish me to add your name – please just send me an email.

I am still traveling as a global nomad, visiting sacred sights, doing CE5 with people in other lands. If you are interested in joining me at any point just contact me. I am not sure where to next, and when the winds will blow me onwards. Right now I am in Mo’orea.

Be well,



  1. Hi Oona,
    I am really interested in participating in Ce5 but not in a position to travel at the moment.
    I live in the UK and wondered if you will be travelling here sometime in the future?

    • Dear Jane,
      My next moves are unpredictable. There is a small possibility that I will be called to the UK. If you are signed up for the blog then you will hear when I am there.
      In the meantime, perhaps just start your own group, hook up with others on the list or send me the info so I can put you on the list.

    • Hi Jane.
      I too are interested in CE5 . I live in the UK. Leeds, West Yorkshire. Are you located anywhere near me.

  2. Oona, what’s your email address? I’d like to add a group to the list. We’re in Portugal!
    Thank you,

  3. Thanks for sharing an updated list!
    I’ve just emailed you my contacts in a search for creating a group in Poland 🙂

  4. Hi there,
    I would love to participate in CE5. I currently live In the UK. Leeds, West Yorkshire. It would be great to join or participate in a group that maybe local to me. I have the CE5 contact app but as of now I can’t find anyone on the network to meet or even reply.

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