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11th Meeting – Brian Kenworthy – High Strangeness, Big Foot, and Black Triangles
Sasquatch, Forest People, Sylphs, Working with Weather, Resources, Signs in the Sky, Playing with Pebbles, Woven Branches, Area 51 – There’s something going on!

10th Meeting – Corinne Cornish – Realms, Realities and Responding to the Matrix
OBEs, parallel realities, precognition, the matrix / programme we are living in, Corinne’s personal Journey, ascension, polarisation, truth, frequencies, Orbs, missing time
March 27, 2021

9th Meeting – Yossi Ronen – Contact and Beyond
Yossi’s first book spans consciousness from his personal experience of on the ground, in the room contact – to creation, sacred texts, quantum physics, emotions, and our powers and responsibilities.The book in itself is a gem, yet there is so much that is difficult to convey with ink and paper, or simply does not belong in a book. We will go beyond the written word. 
January 17.2021

8th Meeting – Justice Campbell – Satellites, Airplanes and Weather Phenomena
July 12, 2020
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7th Meeting – Jeremy Cloake – Consciousness and Communication
Close proximity communication, experiencing the non-linear field, magnetometer, radio contact, OBE, coherence and unity consciousness.
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6th Meeting – Greg Sullivan – ET life in Japan
Greg shares his path with his guides through the media, walking the fire, the importance of clearing, phenomenal photos and video clips and much, much more!
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5th Meeting – Patricia Pearsall – Meditation and Consciousness
Pat speaks on how to raise your vibrations, the importance of monitoring your thoughts, insights on critical thoughts, how meditation changes your life and enhances contact experiences, and much, much more.
April 18, 2020
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4th Meeting – Justice Campbell – Photography how to set up your equipment, how to interpret photography, photography etiquette, lots of examples
March 22, 2020
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3rd Meeting – Marcel Vidovic – The ce5 Experience Marcel speaks of his path from being a ‘normal’ citizen to having profound contact experiences and shows some of his extraordinary videos pictures.
February 7, 2020
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2nd Meeting –  Oona FergussonFear is an energy that can come up when we encounter something new – as in ETs standing right next to you. How can we understand fear differently from what we have been told? What can we do? How can we prepare? 
On the other hand when fear does not stand in the way, an overwhelming feeling of love beyond any earthly love is experienced.
Jan 17, 2020
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1st Meeting – A personal perspective and states of being that are conducive to contact – Oona Fergusson
Dec 13, 2019
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