ce5europe Expedition June 13 – 20, 2020 Portugal 
An invitation to an unusual expedition within and without.

Love is limitless. . . Consciousness is limitless. . .

CE5 stands for close encounters of the 5th kind. On this expedition we bring about states of heart-mind coherence and consciousness that are conducive to peaceful contact with highly evolved inter-dimensional beings such as extraterrestrials. 

‘Be in your heart, then all is well.’
(Ancient Ones)

Moving away from the automatic responses of fear and hate is critical for our survival on this planet and heart-mind coherence is spoken of by people such as Gregg Braden and Drunvalo Melchizidek. We are told to raise our vibrations and open our hearts.

How exactly do we open our heart and move away from fear? How do we move away from right and wrong? How do we raise our vibrations?
This course will show us exactly how – step by step.

“Good? Bad? – Who knows.”
(Ancient Ones)

To this day our society’s efforts to create peace in our ordinary reality and consciousness have been unsuccessful. To stop the atrocities of this world and dramas of our lives, we need to advance to a consciousness beyond this reality. 

Imagine you have the ability to change this world. Imagine you could heal yourself and others simply through advanced consciousness. Imagine you could create peace through emanations from your heart and mind.

By raising our vibrations and our consciousness we can influence ourselves and society. By raising our vibrations and our consciousness we are able to connect with extraterrestrial and interdimensional intelligent beings in peace. 

‘Beyond ideas of wrong and right there lies a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the Soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.’

The course includes

  • 3 zoom webinars leading up to the expedition.
  • Raising our vibrations through easy and highly effective meditations and tools from India, the Mayas, Taoism, music, mantras, sounds, sacred geometry, physics and technology. There is something in there for everyone.
  • Raising consciousness beyond the duality of the mind and its right/wrong good/bad view of the world
  • Compassion and peace
  • Freedom from thought
  • Ceremonies
  • The structure of the universe
  • Consciousness beyond our reality
  • The all-seeing eye
  • A journey from duality to all-one-ness
  • Contacting extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional beings. 
  • Stepping beyond Weltschmerz
  • Consciousness beyond time and space
  • Other realities
  • Harnessing coherent group-intelligence for peace

Your Profile

  • High integrity
  • An awareness of your consciousness (or a wish to become aware)
  • Spiritual fearlessness
  • A curious and open mind
  • The intention to go beyond right or wrong
  • A belief in the existence and benevolence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and a desire to make peaceful contact with them.

Each and every heart contains a portal to the universe.

After the course you have the opportunity to participate in a weekly, 15 minute meditation via webinar, free of cost.

Facilitator: Oona Soleil Fergusson https://ce5europe.com/profile/
Oona teaches through the aura just as she has been taught by a lineage of curanderos from Mexico who’s teachings go back to a little man who fell from the sky.


Portugal, 2 hours from Lisbon, reachable by train. Free parking, private grounds, dark skies, surrounded by an olive tree plantation, swimming pool. Spacious, newly renovated, sparkling clean twin rooms, each with its own ensuite. One big room with four beds.

The exact place will be shared with those who register.

Date: June 13 – 20

Saturday June 13 for Dinner at 6pm
Saturday June 20 Course times:

Daily Schedule: 

10 am – Meditation
11 am – Brunch Buffet
1 – 5 pm – Journeys in Consciousness and Awakening the Heart
6 pm – Dinner
8 pm – 1 am – night time sessions under the stars  


Vegetarian, organic and gluten-free. There is a fully equipped kitchen for us to supplement with any other personal dietary needs.


Board and lodging all included:
We are happy to allocate room sharing. Connections can also be made on the private mewe.com social group to which you will have access when registration is complete.

861.- Euro per Person in twin room.
770.- Euro per Person in room with 4 beds
1302.- Euro in single room.

Webinar course fee:
639.- Euro (369.- Euro when repeating the course)

Please note your room preference on the registration. Preference is given to shared accommodation.

Terms and conditions see: https://ce5europe.com/terms-and-conditions/
Should you need to cancel your registration we will do our best to find a replacement. The accommodation fee is non-refundable unless a replacement has been found. The food and Webinar-Course fees are fully refundable.

After registration you will receive an email with payment information, which is via bank transfer.

We are expecting a truly phenomenal experience.