A file with a list of people to contact is attached below.


Setting up your own group really is quite easy: You can share the responsibilities, so that everyone plays their role related to their interest, from organising the events to photography, checking satellites on an app, or guiding meditations. Of course you can also use guided meditations from our youtube channel, and none of the equipment is essential. Working together in this way strongly encourages coherence.

To help start your group you might enjoy these links: 

Interviews with experienced CE5ers:

Webpage on the essence of how to connect:

Andre’s excellent podcasts on all things related to CE5

I am happy to update this list every once in a while.
If you wish to be removed, or added to the list, please send an email with the following information:

1. I have an existing group and am open to new people joining:

  • Country
  • Nearest Town
  • Contact Information (Name, email address) 

2. I am looking for others to start a new group with:

  • Country
  • Nearest Town
  • Contact Information (Name, email address)

It will still be up to each group, and each individual to be circumspect about whom you are connecting with. If it does not feel right then go with that. On the other hand you might meet fabulously interesting people and make life-long friends.