Dear ce-5 friends,

In many places meeting to do CE5 has been full of hurdles. We are therefor opening up a Dimensional CE5 Space every Sunday evening for a CE5-oriented guided Meditation. It used to be private. We are now making it available to all who are interested.
  • It’s free – free of ads, free of fees. free of commitmentsIt’s on zoom – just voice – no video 
  • It’s just 10 – 15 minutes, no intro, no outroIt is not a course – we all learn by being in the space, we all learn together by doing. At the same time we will begin simple and move to more complex meditations.
  • Should any technical difficulties arise at any point – please forgive and meditate in the space without zoom.
  • Hearing words in two languages – especially if one of the languages is unfamiliar – activates different parts of the brain and opens you up for a deeper experience. The conscious and the subconscious mind connect through the movement of the Moebius / infinity symbol. The guiding words will be in English and German.
  • DO NOT post the link on social media once you receive it!!! Let’s not get spammed!  
  • Set a weekly reminder for yourself. You will receive an email reminder only every once in a while.
  • Check your Time zone here ( Germany 9pm)
  • Get the link by writing to Oona at

Ways to prepare for the journey:

Check out the Cleanse for 21.12 playlist to fully grasp the Tesseract Meditation as well as the Merkaba. This series of 18 short videos builds up to the highlight of the Tesseract. 

Check out the Merkaba here for a deeper understanding.


  • Log in early
  • Be in a quiet place
  • Smudge, hum, sing
  • Wear an eye-mask
  • Focus, concentrate, meditate
  • 2 breaths through the nose (in through the right nostril, out through the left, in through the left, out through the right)


  • Continue journeying on your own
  • Send love and light, send goodness and grace
  • Receive love and light, goodness and grace.
  • Receive healing.
  • Land, ground by putting your ten fingertips on the ground
  • As most of us will be already journeying before the call and continuing after the call we will not be taking time for greetings, questions, comments –  but go straight into the space. I will end the zoom for all after about 10 – 15 minutes.

See you in Space.